Abby Davis

Abby Davis


Grade 8


Hichborn Middle School




Mrs. Jipson




My absolute favorite place in Maine is Musquash Lake. Musquash Lake is my paradise. I go camping there every year, and it is a beautiful place to go and just kick back and relax. When you pull up onto one of the beautiful sandy beaches on a boat, it will put a smile on your face. There’s a lot of stuff to do while you’re there also, but if you don’t have a boat than you’ll be pretty bummed, because you have to have some type of boat to get to the sandy beaches. When I go camping, I’m never bored. Between tubing and swimming there’s tons of stuff to do like, wake boarding, skiing, kayaking, canoeing, or you could just make a sand castle. You’re never too old to make one!


Other than all the activities I could do, sometimes I just want to hang with my family. We make rock piles, tell jokes, tell stories, play card games, or just read a book. There’s one tradition that will always go on when we are camping. Before we leave, my dad makes a bunch of copper rods with holes in them. They are only about seven or eight inches long but they are really cool. When he’s done making them, he takes an old hose and cuts it up into pieces that are a little smaller than the copper rods and puts a piece of hose in each rod. You’re probably wondering what would those be useful for while camping? Well, every night he puts one in the fire, because when the hose melts, it makes the fire change different colors like, pink, green, blue, and purple. It’s reallyamazing to watch and we always do it, every night.


There’s another thing you have to think about before you go camping at Musquash. The bathroom is pretty much a wooden box in the middle of the woods with a toilet seat. But, if you’re like my family, you’re smart enough to bring a new toilet seat every year and replace the box every few



years. It not a five star toilet but, it’s better than no toilet. Musquash is an awesome place to have fun with the family and just relax.