Addie Gilpatrick

Addie Gilpatrick Grade 4

Souhside school

Hodgdon M.E.

Mrs. Carmichael





Doing art is pressure and all you artists out there, you know it. Hi, my name is Addie and I am going to tell you what art is like at Southside School in Houlton, Maine.

Art class at Southside School is enjoyable because you get to use your imagination. We also brain storm and that means you get to

do whatever you want and that is awesome when you’re at school school at Southside

Another thing is that when we are in art class ‘w~ get to listen to

music too and we get our imagination running. What we do in art class is we do a lot of projects. Some of the projects we have done are scratch art, we’ve drew fruits and veggies with char coal, we made mandalas, and my favorite of all was making Ihdian corn.

What we did is cut out the out lines of corn and then we got red, brown, black, grey, blue, yellow, orange, pink, and purple tissue paper and rolled them into balls and then we got paint brushes and dipped the paint brushes in the glue that we used and put and put the

tissue paper glue on the bottom of the tissue paper balls and stuck it on the top of the yellow corn.

Also sometimes we get to use cool tools like charcoal, and tooth picks, and scissors. In addition we get to use lots of color in art class.

And lastly when we get something we all know that if we try are hardest we can make it beautiful and remember to always have fun and laugh when you are doing art.