Alex Wintle

Alex Wintle 7th grade


Bangor Christian Schools




Tiffany Dever


Waking up to the sound of birds and going to get ice cream are just two great things to do in Mount Desert Campground. The campground is very peaceful and calm. It is quiet. And people are friendly. The campground has a curfew of 11:00 pm. The campground has floats, which is a floating dock. They open around sunrise, and close around sunset. At the floats, many people might have a crab trap. Food is put in the net along with rocks to weighit down. The net rests on the bottom for a little while, and when pulled up most likely has a crab on it.


Canoeing and kayaking is fun to do. At the floats there are kayaks and canoes, which can be rented at the main office. There is a small area where starfish can be found that is a short trip from the floats. A very large starfish was found there once. A family was out looking for starfish and they split up to look. The boy and his father saw the huge starfish and called for the daughter and mother to help get it.


A small building not too far away from the main office sells ice cream offers a great place to get together and have fun. That is what it is named for also. The Gathering Place is a great place to go to relax and eat ice cream. Many people have bikes and the roads are perfect for it. There are very few cars on the road which makes it safe for young ones. Bar Harbor is not far away for the campground and makes for an excellent thing to do during the day.


There is variety of camping spots to choose from. Some have wooden platforms on them and other are on the ground. The campground is for tents only. For people that love the ocean there are a few spots that overlook the water. The majority of the campsites are in the woods, and are perfect for people who do not like to be in the open.


For those who do not want to use gas, the Island Explorer Bus stops right by the campground. There are electrical plug-ins at some of the sites. The Gathering Place, as well as offering ice cream, also offers free internet.


While waking up to the sound of birds and getting ice cream are two great things to do at Mound Desert Campground, there are many more that only experience can gather.