Alexander Rawcliffe

Alexander Rawcliffe

7th Grade

All Saints Catholic School


Mrs. Whitney




The Best Vacation Spot in Maine


Bar Harbor is the best place for a vacation because it has many memorable aspects. I stayed at one hotel that was great, clean, and had a pool. They have many souvenir shops that specialize in local and exotic shells and other materials, such as coral of all colors and shapes. They have many wonderful restaurants that serve freshly caught, fried Maine shrimp that melt in your mouth. They have broiled scallops, along with other types of fish, and of course, the Maine specialty, lobster, which is marvelous, and I know from personal experience.




There is a natural blow hole in the rocks. it makes a thunderous sound and a geyser of water every time water goes into the cave. The first time I heard the thunderous sound it startled me because it was just so fascinating. I never knew that a rock formation could do that! They have Cadillac Mountain there, and I have had a fabulous time being up on the edge of the mountain climbing rocks. It is a little scary when you are on the edge and looking down. One time we were up there and the birds and the wind wanted our Subway sandwiches. There are walkways and overlooks at many different vantage points as you climb the mountain either by foot, bike or car.



There is a sign that says when you stand on top of this mountain you can see the sun rise and you are the first people in the United States to see the dawning of a new day.



In the village, of Bar Harbor there are stores of every kind from book stores to art stores, junk stores to trinket shops. Then there are galleries and museums. The whaling museum, which has a skeletal system of an entire whale right overhead, as you enter, is my personal favorite. It is colossal, and you get to understand how big a real whale actually is compared to yourself. Down by the Ocean Drive there are whaling boats that go out and you get to watch whales. They have a ferry that goes to Canada as well, and although I have not taken the ferry before, I hope to in the near future.




We like to go down to Bar Harbor during the summer season and just before they close in late August, early September. There are many stores that run sales just before they close for the season,especialIy the junk shops with old books and the art galleries. My mom likes to drag me into every single one. Then I get to carry some of the packages. I enjoy the salt water taffy that we purchase in one of the trinket shops. There are motor bikes and bicycles you can ride through the village. Now that I am older and bigger I am looking forward to riding one of the mopeds this coming year. See you in Bar Harbor this coming summer season!