Alexis Reed

Alexis Reed 7th grade



Bangor Christian Schools






Tiffany Dever



Peaceful a word only used to describe the most calming of scenes. And calm is what tells thestory of Church Street Cemetery on Church Street. There is not a sound besides the over grown grass swaying with the wind. The creaking of the old chipped wood that made up the historic church fills the air. Out back the cemetery is not dreary, boring, and filled with sadness, but alive and colorful, while the trees and flowers are at the peak of their arrival. This place is the Church Street Church and Cemetery on Church Street in Bangor, Maine.



The Church and Cemetery on Church Street may at first sound sad and dreary, but that is all wrong. People stay shut in their houses all day playing on electronics when what they really should be doing is enjoying what has been put right in front of them. The Church Street Cemetery gives people a place where they can relax, calm down, and just enjoy the nature and history around them for free. People should not have to pay for Maine’s beauty but be able to enjoy the amazing natural wonders that were meant to be admired for free, and that is what the cemetery does for people.



Unfortunately, not many people go there because they do not realize the magnificent landscape lying behind the rickety church. But, that also gives the rare visitors alone time from the crazy, high-tech world. People can just think there and appreciate the unbelievable beauty that has been waiting for someone to find it. There are no distractions and deception of the world there. Everything is real and hinds no secrets.


When the word cemetery is heard, it does not usually make a person imagine of “family fun”, but those words actually have many things about them that relate. At the Church Street Cemetery, people can see that at one time churches were as one. This cemetery also shows in



many ways what life was like and how it was different. The graves, architecture, style, and size are just some of the ways to show the differences from then to now.





Lastly, the Church Street Cemetery is just a fun way to spend time together, and remember that togetherness is what got us here in the first place. This venue does not limit what activities that its visitors do. People can have a picnic, try to find the oldest grave, and many other family fun activities.



Church Street Cemetery and Church has endless activities, family fun, and just gives people a place to chill out, relax and just block the world around them for a visit. But, whether it is a long visit or a short one people will want to come back.