Allan Van Reijsen

Allan Van Reijsen

7th grade

Brooklin School

Brooklin, Maine

Ms. Rebecca Turner and Ms. Halina Nawrot



The Jewel of India


The Jewel of India is a restaurant in Portland, Maine. It is my favorite place

because my family and I go there occasionally to eat delectable Indian food. It’s a little unusual to have an Indian restaurant in Maine. It takes approximately two hours to get there from where I live. I anticipate what I’m going to have at the restaurant. I think about it so much I can almost taste the seasonings of the chicken tikka masala.

I love Indian food. I don’t really like to experiment, but I’ve tried the Mango Lassi and the Aloo nan bread. The AIoo nan is a thin bread that has potatoes and garlic mixed into it and you can dip it in different kinds of sauces. The Mango Lassi is a smoothie made out of yogurt and it tastes wonderful.

When you walk in the smells hit you from everywhere. It’s a fragrant, sweet smell. I can smell the curry floating all around me. The smells in the restaurant are really


In the Indian establishment there is Indian decor on the walls. There are pillows on the ceiling with red floral designs on them. At the front of the restaurant, there is a board on the wall with pictures of famous Indian actors. What we call Hollywood they call Bollywood. When we first went there they were playing an Indian movie from Bollywood.

In conclusion, I like the Jewel of India because they have outstanding food. It has

fascinating smells and my family and I have a marvelous time there.