Alyssa Hutchinson

Student Name: Alyssa Hutchinson

School:      Eddington Elementary

Town:      Eddington

Teacher:    Mrs. Oliver

Grade:  4



My Favorite Subject in S.chool.

By Alyssa Hutchinson


My favorite subject is P.E. The reason why my favorite subject is P.E. is because we get to swim at the ywca. Well first I will introduce you to the life guard Becky. My swim teachers are John and Mr.S. This is what we do at swim. First we do our lesson which is swimming to the end of the pool and freestyle back. I didn’t Ace the test but it’s okay. We also get our kick boards. There’s a rule about the kick boards. You can’t put them under water or else they will shoot up like a rocket. That has happened to someone before. Then at the end of the lesson we get to do whatever we want. Those are the reasons why I love P.E.