Amber Smith

Amber Smith

Grade 4

Newport Elementary School

Newport, Maine

Miss Fogler

C’ -.








Social Studies         .


What is your favorite subject in school? My favorite subject in school is Social Studies. I like Social studies because I like .to learn about a variety of things.


My name is Amber and I haven’t studied about a bunch of places, but the ones I have studied, I take a huge interest to. Like for example, in second grade I learned about Australia. ~[ liked learning about it because it was different. It held the world’s biggest bird, the ostrich. And some very, extremely deadly snakes like the cobra.


Picture this, a room full of third graders with Africa maps on the walls and you can hear the thinking. One of those third graders was me. I really enjoyed Africa because it was exotic, wild, and undiscovered! Africa is the second biggest continent. They also the home to the biggest wild cat. Africa must be an extravaganza tO them!


Plus, South America holds the Amazon Rain Forest! They have tigers and leopards. Did you know that if you wear a mask on the back of your head, you will have a less chance of being attacked? South America also has anacondas. They can get Up to twenty-five feet long!


I also love Social Studies because you can learn about animals from WAY different places. Like, the Artic Fox likes in the Artic or northern regions. In addition, the Fennec Fox lives in Egypt. They come out at night to catch their prey because it’s too


hot in the day. The cobra doesn’t really come from an odd place, but the climate is a lot different from ours in Maine. I take interest .. to the cobra because when it is ready to devour its prey. A flap on their neck comes out (called the neck hood) and makes it easier to

swallow.    . . .


I also like Social Studies because you can learn about

interesting animals. Horses take an interest to my eye. Just like . £

certain amphibians. I like horses because they come indifferent .

sizes, shapes, colors, and breeds. My two favorite horses are the .

appaloosa and the clydesdale. My two favorite amphibians are~ the :

komodo dragon and the poison dart frog.



Therefore my favorite subject in school is Social Studies.         £ You’ll know because everything I said was from my memory!. .