Andrew, Grindle

Andrew, Grindle


Asa Adams. School


Mrs. Tuttle




I chose science because I enjoy learning new things-every day even on weekends Making new discoveries is so much fun I can’t even begin to explain my excitement, but these paragraphs will show you rhope~you will enjoy my thoughts about science.

I enjoy researching animals and researclicawhelp.experrnients Like when I caught my first fish and I wrapped the fish:infOit Jthund.out that foilscratches the fish’s gills, so a fisherman would not be abieto:.have. the. fish stuffed and -mounted.

Science helps art and I love art, mixing colors or experiment with new drawing techniques For example, mixing red and blue equals purple or green and and blue equals yellow. Drawing techniques like- drawing. an oval— thee- instead of a round face. This kind of thing can help your drawing.

I chose science because without science we would not have a harddrive and with no hard drive there would be no computers and no computers means no internet, no e-mall, no texting, no i-Pods, no i-Phones and no i-Pads. So.that is my reaso-ns why I like science. What’s yours? .