Andrew Seder

Andrew Seder

Grade 4 Southside School

Hodgdon, ME.

Mrs. Carmichael





Imagine you had No gym teacher and you’re standing in a gym by yourself and there was no sport to do .Well thank god, I have a gym teacher and his name is Mr. Graham. I like him because he lets you talk to your buddy’s before he takes attendance. Also in gym we get to learn how to play the game in gym class.



Then we start the game and we get to see what team we’re on , sometimes Mr.Graham plays with us if one of the teams stink.Also Mr.Graham told us that were next week going to get to play volleyball and I’m not so happy were playing volleyball because l,m not really good at volleyball . Also, I think it’s a girl’s game not a boy’s game.


Also the games that we play are hockey, kickball, speedball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, dogeball, racing and bowling. And soon we’re going to learn about how our body works. We get to see what food is good for us, and to see what food is bad for us. I mostly know what food is bad for you.That is why I think gym GymRocks II!!! I think you should try gym too.