Arshdeep Singh

My Favorite Subject

ByArshdeep Singh

4th Grade Mrs. Duron

All Saints Catholic School

Bangor, ME



I love P.E because we get to move around, get to sweat, and we get to learn our heart rate. We get to stretch, and throw balls. We get to play exciting games like Castle Ball, Secret Tag, Everyone’s It, Silent Ball, Stations, Freeze Tag, Busy Bee-Busy Bee, Skunk Tag, Cooperation Handball, and Crab Soccer. We get to exercise too.

We get to sweat because we get to walk around, we get to jog, and we get to run around. Mr.Gould has great ideas, and he’s funny. He makes us do push-ups, jumping-jacks, and makes us run laps.

We get to learn our heart rate, and we get to feel our pulse. We get to learn our heart rate at different levels by sitting down, laying down, standing up, moving slowly, moving moderately, and moving fast. He tells us to count our pulse in 15 seconds or more.

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