Audrey Buswell

Audrey Buswell

Grade 3

Peninsula School

Prospect Harbor

Susan Tenan



My Favorite Subject


My favorite subject is reading. I think reading is fun because I can find books that tell about very interesting things, such as the Titanic which was on its maiden voyage when it sank. Another interesting reading subject is Pompeii, a Roman town which was buried in ash from Mount Vesuvius. My favorite book subject is fantasy. Even though it isn’t true, it’s veiy interesting to read about princesses, fairies, gnomes, and unicorns.


Reading is my favorite subject because I can read about things that I think never really happened. A

week later I could pick up another book that says it really did happen. Reading is fun because in non­fiction books I get to learn about true events. A true event is the shark attack of 1916.


Reading is fun because it is good practice for spelling and I can learn what different words mean. I can learn more descriptive words which I can use for persuasive papers. Reading gives me practice in spelling because I can practice the spelling in the book.


Reading is my favorite subject because I can read whatever I want to read. When it is free reading time or quiet time I can read an accelerated reader book or do catch up work. If I want to read a Horrible Harry book or a Harry Potter book I can.


I like reading because I can read whenever I want to. I can read in my spare time, but not at work time. Reading can give me something to do when there is nothing else to do.


As you can see, I love reading. I usually find time to read everyday. Those are all the reasons why I like reading.