Ben Carmichael

Ben Carmichcael

Houlton Southside Grade ~


Mrs. Carmichael




Hi, my name is Ben. I love science class! We get to study new things and do experiments.

We first started wfth rocks and minerals, Our teacher made some kind of homemade rock called the mock rock, Mrs. Peterson came around the room with a hammer and she h~t the rock with all her might. The rock split in half and one partner took one half and the other took the other half. Then Mrs. Bar~ett, an Ed Tech for science class, passed out nails around the room. We picked at the rocks with the nails and we saw that the rocks had many different colors inside

Secondly, we discovered that these different colors were aifferent minerals in the rock, Then Mrs. Peterson told Us that we needed to sort the red, green and white minerals. We were going to test the gray material and test it to see if it contained calcite. Calcite is a mineral that when you put it in vinegar it will start bubbling and sure enough it started bubbling so that meant it contained calcite.

We also just studied the water cycle and learned vocabulary words like evaporation, condensation and precipitation. We also learned to use “Every Cat Purrs” (ECP)to help us remember evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.

The third reason I like science is when we worked with thermometers. We put blue water in a vial and put a stopper on top . We put a plastic straw in the hole on top of the vial and put a mark where the water mark was in the straw. We then placed the vial in a cup of cold water and then noticed that the water level went down in the straw. Then we put it in a cup of hot water and noticed that the water level rose a lot higher then the other two marks. Water temperature controlled the water level in the straw.

In conclusion, the reason I like science is because it’s cool , interesting and you never know what the teacher is going to give you for an assignment or an experiment.