Bethany Deschaine

Student Name: Bethany Deschaine

School:      Eddington Elementary

Town:      Clifton

Teacher:    Mrs. Oliver

Grade:  4


My favorite subject in school is Computer. I like computer because we get to do Power Point. Power Point is a program that you can use for slide shows for a school project. I like them because you learn more about animals, people, and food but that’ s only three! You can do any thing you want! I also like googling things like hamsters, websites, people, and anything I can think of! Computers help teach kids in school like me. They help scientists with research for the things they are studying. Computers help doctors find cancer in someone’s body. In my class there’s a program, Ultra Key, that helps us type faster and better. There’s games we play like Tux Paint, Photo Booth, Google Earth, and Comic Life. We sometimes go on a website called Study Island. Study Island helps teach more about Math, Reading, Writing, and much more! That’s why I love computer as a subject in school!