Branden Grass

Branden Grass

Grade Four

Newport Elementary, Newport Maine

Miss Fogler


My favorite subject is art because it’s always fun to do when you are bored. Art helps you to relax and it is a fun way to spend time. Art also helps you with drawing. Here are some main reasons why art is a fun subject.

A few days ago we had art. We made hand Christmas Wreathes. You also got to put a bunch of colors on a paper bow. It was very fun because you got to make it any way you wanted it. That’s good because you can let your creative juices flow. This is my first reason I love art!

A month ago I was sitting on the floor doing my write about reading and Miss Fogler told us to go to the rug for a read aloud. It was called Bear’s First Christmas. Miss Fogler asked us to make a Christmas tree to say how Bear felt when he saw the people all celebrating Christmas. I think I did either joy or love, but the main thing was what kind of art was in his heart. That is my second reason why art is a fun subject.

A long time ago I was sitting on the floor in my class reading to my self and then BANG Miss Fogler shot out words faster than then the sonic boom every one to there seats!” then once I was in my seat Miss Fogler started handing out art stuff she said she had to take picture this morning because of these. Styrofoam snowmen there was a hole for your picture .We liked them a lot and a few day’s later we made styrofome monkeys with little santa hat’s and a board that said “happy holidays”.

In third grade we did an art activity. We had to make symbols

that represented the United states. I did an eagle because eagles are bold and always moving forward. Sometimes art gives you a break from school work. It allows you to have a little fun during school. That’s why I wish we could have an art teacher. But we do art, just don’t do it often. You can draw what ever you want like a race car, rocket, and a cyborg, which is half human and half robot, the important thing is that you can make anything with your creativity. That’s what started it all.

Art is a good idea to do before you start a test swaying a brush on a paper will relax yourself from the air to the paint. It helps if your bored to do art it’ll make you feel fine and not bored a lot by school but schools good to just some times it can get a little boring at times but it’s okay. Also it’s fun to do art for work too. Because that way you don’t get bored because sometimes it’s a little boring to do school work all the time.