Brendan Home

Brendan Home

Grade 4

Newport Elementary School

Newport, Maine

Miss Fogler




One beautiful day we had P.E. P.E stands for Physical Education. In Physical Education you learn new skills like wacky jacks, suicides and spinning a ball on your

finger. Wacky jacks are when you swing your arms and legs. Suicides are when you run to the foul line, go back touch the base line, run half court, go back touch the other base line, go back to the foul line, and back to the base line that you started at. So it’s basically a ton of running

In P.E. you stay active, you work hard, you are always on the move, and most

importantly you always have fun. It’s fun because you get to move around instead of sitting at a desk. One reason I like P.E. is because it helps you stay in shape. Mr. King warms you up like making you run around the gym a couple of times.

What’s your favorite subject in school? Anyway mine is Physical Education. Have lots of fun!