Camille Carey

Camille Carey

Grade 4

Newport Elementary School

Newport, Maine

Miss Fogler



My favorite subject in school is Social Studies because I like to learn about states and this subject is fun!

On a fine, early morning twenty really silent students listening to there teacher Miss Fogler. Everyone who was excited was listening. And I believe that was everyone. So, Miss Fogler started with what she was going to talk about today. She said what she was going to talk and asked who likes to learn about states? About six kids raised their hand. I was one of those students who raised their hand. I love to learn about states because it helps me choose which state to live in like New Hampshire, Florida and my favorite Hawaii!

Have you ever known how the outsiders live? Like the Native Americans or the people in South Africa or Asia? They made a lot of stuffjust out of the little stuff they had! Do you know what they made? What I know so far is that they make tools out of whale bones and deer bones. They also make ropes out of deer skin to two dead whales. So, that’s why I like to learn about how people live in the outside!

In addition, I love to learn and see how many people live in the wilderness with all those hunters. Some people are supposed to be hunters but they don’t want to because they love animals just like me! Many people in history had to hunt. They had to hunt because they didn’t have much food because they didn’t have any stores back in the 1900s. So they had to hunt buffalo, deer, and whales out in the ocean. I don’t know how they got the whales out of the salty ocean with all of the sharks!

My favorite subject in school is Social Studies because I like to learn about staes and new places.