Charlotte Kirk

Charlotte Kirk

Grade 4

Asa Adams School


Mrs. Tuttle





I think science is my favorite subject because it makes you feel like a really real scientist; discovering what water tension is.

I think that science is kind of like a mystery because once we covered a piece of cardboard with a line drawn down it with wax paper. Then we put a drop of duck sauce on one side of the line, and dish detergent on the other.

Finally, Mrs. Tuttle, our teacher, lifted one side of the cardboard and we all watched them race! It was a mystery because we didn’t know what was going to happen. Mrs. Tuttle suggested that we quickly scratch down what liquid we thought was going to win.

We kept on doing that experiment to learn that heavy liquids with more sugar in them slow down because the particles of sugar weigh them down or stick down.

I really think science is good for me because “scientist” is on the top of my very fat list ofjobs that I want when I grow up. (Along with teacher, artist, working at an animal shelter, etc.) I want to be the type of scientist that creates cures. .

And the best part of it is, I believe that I can be the first person to create a medicine for cleft lip!