Cooper Henderson

Cooper Henderson, Eight grade

Hancock Grammer School

Mrs. Leighton



Greenville should be on one of your top places to go in Maine. Greenville is very fun place to go to in the winter, because it is very fun to snowmobile, hangout, ice fishing, and the food there is very good. The cabins in Greenville are very nice and cozy they have everything that you would need in a house. in the house that we stay in is 3 stories high, ping pong table, huge fiat screen t.v.s, big beds and a huge down and upstairs. There is a restaurant pretty much right next to the house you can walkout the door, take a left and there it is. it’s in walking distance for people that want to go there. The food in that restaurant is very good. It was fun to be there too, because of all the t.v.s and you could watch the football games too.

Greenville is a great place to go ice fishing; I love to ice fish. My brothers, dad, and I will go out and dig a hole with a machine and it makes a hole in the ice. Then we will do about 15 of those and then we go back into the house and wait. We will check on the traps once awhile and in the mean time, we will snowmobile and do other things to just wait. If the traps goes up then we run out and pull the trap out and if it’s big enough, then we will eat the fish; if it’s too small we let it go.

The house is right on the water so you can put your snowmobiles, four wheels or anything out there, you walk down a small hill and your on the ice. My family and I go a lot outside to snowmobile and four wheel on the ice, its so much fun. The lake is huge so you have a couple straight stretches going on. It feels like you can never stop going. When you are four wheeling you have to be careful because you slide and go all over the place when you are four wheeling. When you go out on the ice you have to dress warm because once your going fast on the snowmobile or four wheel it gets very coldso I wear a face mask, snow pants, gloves, hat, boots, big warm coat, and a helmet.

I am trying to say that this is my favorite place in Maine, and it will be yours! It is my favorite place to go in Maine that I have been to. When you come to Maine the “Vacationland” Greenville should be on your number yo list at the top, and you will have a ball of fun!