Cora Gray

Cora Gray


Grade 4 Southside School


Houlton ME


Mrs. Carmichael




Some people I know don’t like books at all, but you will never find me sitting without a book. When I am reading a good book it feels like I am in my own world of books. When I read a book I can’t usually hear anyone that calls to me. I love books!


Reading is my favorite subject, because if I finish a book it feels like an accomplishment. Some people don’t like reading, and I understand that. From this essay you can tell I am not one of those people. When I read I feel like I am in a book myself.


I think that reading is really important, because you have to be able to read to get a job. Most all jobs have something to do with reading. For example, if you were to work at a restaurant you have to read the menu to memorize it.


Writing is very important too. If I couldn’t read I wouldn’t be writing this essay. As you can see reading and writing go hand in hand.


There are a lot of books to read, and there is a good variety. Books can be any size, but even if it is small it could be the greatest book you read. There is a saying, don’t judge a book by its cover, and I believe it.


In conclusion this is why reading is my favorite subject in school.