Courtney Clark

Courtney Clark

7th Grade


Bangor Christian Schools




Tiffany Dever


Parks Pond Campground


Swimming, dancing, and many more affairs take place at Parks Pond Campground. It has beautiful beachesand a dirt road that goes around the campground.


Parks Pond Campground offers many great activities. They have a pond, which can be used to swim, fish, kayak, and canoe. Not only do they have these affairs, but they have some that are more equipped for youngerchildren. Some of these activities include hay rides, magic acts, visits from the K-9 police force, rain guttersurprise ice cream sundaes, and an Easter egg hunt in the spring.


A lot of scheduled events at Parks Pond Campground are for children, but they do offer events for teens and young adults. Some of these events include a ‘70s dance and kayaking around the pond.


Parks Pond Campground also have events that are holiday themed. Get the Dads Water Fight, ChristmasGift Giving, and since they are not open for Halloween, Halloween Trick or Treating in the summer are all included in the holiday themed events.


Most of these events are scheduled events, but they also offer activities that are independent activities such as swimming, biking, walking, jogging, running, kayaking, canoeing, and basketball.



Most of these activities require athletic ability, but they also have activities that require nothing but sitting down and relaxing. These events may include potlucks or car shows. Even though these events require no athletic ability, those participating are welcome to bring their old car for a car show or a dish for the theme of the potluck.


Each year, Parks Pond Campground hosts a horseshoe competition for teams of two. One team is eliminated after each round until only one team remains. Although there is no prize for the winning team, it is still fun to do as a recreational competition.


Not only do they have a horseshoe competition, they also host a basketball competition. Those interested are divided into two teams and play a half court game. It may seem hard to get onto a team, but it is not. Not many people are interested, so the teams are not usually large.


Though all of these activities may seem that they would make a day visit expensive, it is not. A day is onlytwo dollars per person. If pay for one day at a time would be too hard, Parks Pond also has sites available for rent. They offer sites for campers and tents.


Although showering may seem like it would be a problem for tenters, it is not. There is a building that has a restroom and about four showers for those that need to use them. The showers do not cost like some campgrounds, so showering will not make the trip any more expensive.


Everything at Parks Pond Campground is very relaxing. They are perfect for those looking for a relaxing camping trip. For all of these reasons, Parks Pond Campground is the perfect place to enjoy the scenery of Maine.