Courtney Kafka

Courtney Kafka


Grade 8


Hichborn Middle School


Howland, ME


Mrs. Jipson




Bar Harbor



My favorite place in Maine would have to be Bar Harbor. I don’t even know where to start, there are so many things to do, and look at. Usually the first thing we do when we arrive, is find a cozy spot to hike, or go sight-seeing. We never get bored, because we can choose a variety of things to do, and if not we can always see our old favorites.


So how about a little tour of the places I love to see and visit? Shall we? I like to visit Cadillac Mountain. The view is so gorgeous, I feel as if I’m on top of the world. Even though I see it every year, I can always spot out something new, and I’m excited just like it’s my first time ever visiting. Be~prepared, the next step on this long day is some hiking. Stunning, breath-taking view! Where? Bubba Rock, of course. I really think it would be a nice time for a picnic! Some of the best choices would be a relaxingspot along the ocean shore. Peaceful, beautiful, but if you’d rather have a more suitable place there are many tables.


Bar Harbor keeps you feeling at home. They have many different rest areas andpit stops for the many different places you may travel to. After a little relaxing, it’s time to get up on your feet again before the sunset. A museum is the perfect place to visit! But










I’d personally much rather sail off to Cranberry Island. Gorgeous is my first thought! The


stunning lighthouse, the unique flowers, and then back on deck, back to Bar Harbor! Ithink its time for a little shopping! Okay, maybe a lot!


How about a stop for icecream, or a little shopping first? Icecream it is! Time topick flavors, and then make your wish come true by the wishing well! And off to shop! My dog would love these homemade doggie treats! Not only that, but maybe a little treat for myself. Bar Harbor, is the perfect picture to describe Maine! The lobster, the ice-cream, the nature, the memories, the ocean, the mountains, everything about it makes you feel welcome and at home.


Of course they have unique knickknacks that no one sees in this small town, and can’t forget the saltwater taffy! My all-time favorite thing about Bar Harbor would have to be camping at Smuggler’s Den Campground. Great service, spectacular pool, and then after a little walking, the beach! Tasty food, and great entertainment and new people you can meet!


Lets talk about the many other things you can enjoy: horseback riding, whale watching, parachuting, sky diving, and much more, but I recommend you try something out for yourself! I guarantee a great experience, for any age!