David Zegers

David Zegers

Grade 3

Rose M. Gaffney School


Mrs. Smith




Hello, I’m David. Cursive is my absolute favorite subject in school.


Every week we learn a new cursive letter. My favorite cursive letter is

d.   The letter d is easy to make. We started with the letter e and the second letter we learned was e~, and the third Letter we learned was ~

To write cursive your feet have to be on the floor and your paper has to be slanted. You need an anchor hand to hold your paper down.

Let me give you four reasons why I like cursive:

Number one: It’s not that hard.

Number two:   I Like that our teacher, Mrs. Smith, starts us

out easy and then gives us a challenge.

Number three:   We learn very fast!

Number four:   I am always looking forward to learning a new cursive letter.