Derek McGraw

Derek McGraw

7th Grade

Brooklin School

Brooklin, Maine

Ms. Rebecca Turner and Ms. Halina Nawrot


I have a lot of favorite places in Maine, but one of my favorites is the field behind

my mom’s house in Steuben. It is my favorite place because of all the memories I have

there. The field has a small path that leads into a large field full of tall grass. After you get to the other side of that field, you go across a small stone bridge over a stream.

Then there is a place where you can go two ways, but each lead into the huge field next to the bay.

I remember walking all the way to the other side of the field and seeing the green

trees, that were full of beautiful colors in the fall. At the other side, there was a bay with small rocks in the middle of the water that my sister and I used to climb on. My family used to take baseball bats and hit apples from the trees as far as we could into the water. We also used to take the dogs down there, and let them swim.

Once my cousin and I built a small fort with sticks leaning up against a tree, and

used dead pine needles as a floor. We also went to the old bottle dump that was behind

some trees, and found a lot of old glass bottles. We used to find old Coke bottles, oldlaundry detergent bottles, and lots of other bottles. We used to take them up to our

house a few at a time, and after a while, the whole picnic table was full of all of those old, brown bottles.

One summer night, we had just gotten home from the 45 minute drive from Ellsworth, and we could see fireworks over the treetops. So, we went down to the field, past the bottle dump, and saw two people across the water, setting off fireworks on the rocks. We all found a place in the grass next to the rocks that wasn’t wet, and sat there to watch. We watched all of the colors in the night sky above us. There were beautiful reds, greens, yellows, oranges, and blues. These fireworks were even better than the fireworks on the Fourth of July, because we had these ones all to ourselves. After they were over, we walked back up the path, that was only lit by the stars and the moon.

I can’t go in that field anymore, because it was sold to a neighbor. Now the firstfield we used to go into has a dirt road going right down the middle. Along the dirt road, there are telephone poles, with huge wires at the tops. There is a house in the second field now, where a new family has taken my family’s place to get away from the rest of the world.