Devan Tibbetts

Devan              Tibbetts Grade 8


Bangor Christian Schools


Bangor, Maine


Mrs. Ramirez








My favorite place to go in Maine in the winter is to The Pinnacle in Pittsfield. The Pinnacle is the first place outside of my house that I have ever been sledding. My family and I have gone there almost every year since I was born. I would rather go o the Pinnacle than any other place in Maine in the winter time. When you go there you can sled, ski, and snowmobile! They also give lessons for skiing. That is why tourists should go there during the winter time because if they don’t know how to ski they can learn from their caring staff. Also the other good thing about the Pinnacle is that if you are going sledding it is free and the skiing lessons are free too!



I would recommend going to this place than I would recommend going anywhere else. If I were able to live here I would never leave. You can also go here all year round because they have nature trails that you can go on during spring, fall, and summer. The Pinnacle is the ultimate vacation place to go at any time because they practically never close because they have things to do all year round so you can always count on them being open.



For the sledding they have multiple trails so there is always a new trail that you can go on and it never gets old. You can also find trails that probably not meant to be trails but



turned out to be great trails. They have trails for little children and a rope tow for people who can’t make it up the hill. The three main trials are the Main trail, the bowl, and Suicide drive which is a hill that is a hill that is almost strait down and it is filled with a bunch of rocks, so you need to be carful as you are going down watching your speed and direction.



That is the reason I chose the Pinnacle as my favorite place in Maine. Because it is fun safe and you can go there almost all year round. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to relax on a vacation.