Diana Harriman

My Favorite Subject

Diana Harriman

4th Grade Mrs. Duron

All Saints Catholic School

Bangor, ME


My favorite subject is P.E. because I get a break from work, get to play games, and get to learn how to find my pulse. Not working is fun. I don’t have to worry about an finished work or correcting a sheet. I just get to play games.

I like playing Everybody’s It. Everyone is it but when someone tags you, you sit down. Castle Ball is fun too. You build a castle with hula hoops and make teams. Once you make teams, everyone throws balls at your castle. Once it falls down, the other team gets a point.

Finding my pulse is cool. We do different things to make our pulse go fast or slow like jogging around the room. Doing push-ups is good for our muscles and makes our pulse go faster. I like to lay on the floor. It is relaxing and makes our pulse go slower. That’s why like P.E.

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