Drew Belmain

Drew Belmain


Southside School Grade 4



Mrs. Carmichael





Everybody is counting on you to shoot the final goal to win. You have one moment to win will you take it or let it slip? I’m talking about the great game hockey. I used to play hockey. I went to every practice, but I only got to play one game, because my brother had games the same time as mine. I did get to play scrimmage. In scrimmage, my team would always win but not all the time.


One of my other favorite is dodge ball. I like to catch the ball so the person who threw it is out. That’s why I like dodge ball. We also played speed ball. It’s a game with basketball, soccer, and football. In fact, basketball is worth two points soccer is one and football is three points. That’s some of my favorite sports, except soccer. That’s why

gym is my favorite subject.