Echo Ruggiero

Echo Ruggiero

Grade 8

Beech Hill School

Otis, ME

Teacher:              Mrs. Pothier



My Getaway

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you arrive at a specific destination? It’s like all your thoughts disappear and happiness overcomes you. It doesn’t matter if your day is horrible, because as soon as you arrive you feel a sense of joy. That’s how I felt every time I pulled up the driveway to my great grandmother’s house. As we would turn down Ridge Road in Blue Hill, I knew we were close to my grandmother’s house. When I walked up her porch, there she was with family all around her. No matter what, I always got a smile when I arrived.


The landscape around my grandma’s house was gorgeous. There was her dirt driveway, large enough for six cars to fit in, if not more. Her old house stood there tall and proud. In the front yard there was this one tree that everyone would climb. Next to the tree was a little bench that everyone carved their name into. Not too far away was a garden that was filled with any flower you could think of. No matter how captivating the town of Blue Hill is, my grandmother’s house will always be my favorite destination there.


The backyard was my favorite place to be though. The kids made a little “hang out” there. The backyard was like a jungle with vines and weeds everywhere. You would have to maneuver your way around the vines and weeds, but it was all worth it, because when you finally made your way to the hang out, it was magical. A tire swung from one of the trees, and there was this old rusty car that we cleaned up. We would sit in that car and not have a care in the world.


If you were a stranger pulling up to that house in Blue Hill, you would see the men throwing horseshoes, the women laughing sharing stories, and the kids playing tag. Everything about that place appealed to me. It didn’t matter what time of the year it was, the landscape drew you in. During the winter the snow fell over the house like a blanket, and the house lit up with Christmas lights. When summer arrived the blueberries from the near fields were ready to eat and the flowers were finally in bloom. The house in its surroundings would catch your eye during any season. That I can assure you.


It didn’t matter what age I was, I always felt like a little kid again once I arrived. I loved going to my great grandmother’s house during any occasion, because I always left happy. That Blue Hill landscape was breathtaking and the memories I have of time spent at her house will last forever.