Eliza Costigan

Eliza              Costigan 8thiGrade

Bangor Christian


Mrs. Ramirez

Favorite Place in Maine



You sit on the rocky sand and look up at the sky. There is a slight ocean breeze blowing the clouds by. Looking forward again, you see the fog beginning to roll in. Next thing you know it is settling over you. The fog gives the place an eerie, but not entirely unpleasant kind of feeling. Soon the breeze blows the fog away gain, and the sun is back. You can see out across the ocean once more, with all the seemingly small sailboats drifting in their moorings. The tide is coming in, so you move to one of the large seaweed covered rocks resting next to the higher shoreline.



After a while, you stand and start walkIng up the path to go back into town. You climb carefully overrocks and grab your shoes as you go. The path gets muddy as you walk, and your view of the ocean and the islands closer to shore is obscured by the thick pine trees. It is somewhat of a walk to get back into town,but the beauty of the journey with the blooming flowers and sounds of spring make it worth your time. Entering the town again, you walk past the small houses using the almost zigzag downhill road. As you travel past the last of the houses and cottages, you start to see people.



Being a cold Tuesday in early March, there are few people loitering around. The few people you do pass as you walk down toward the small shops smile towards you. Smiling in return, you decide to


look into a shop window. This one in particular happens to be a clothing store. You look at the


somewhat exotic clothing, as well as a few of the small random items that are mostly created by townspeople. You leave, and continue up the street. You pass the library, a few more various stores, and a small ice cream shop, closed until May. The opposite side of the street, which is closer to the shore, has most of the restaurants. Continuing down the street towards the harbor, you see the lobstermen driving their boats in. There is a parking lot that stretches out into the bay and connects to the dock.

Walking out across the parking lot, you go down to the four benches on the edge of the outcropping of


rock to sit. As you do this, a gigantic sailboat reveals itself from behind one of the islands. Majestically floating across the water, you watch it as it disappears behind another small island. Looking up at the statue that sits next to you between the four benches, you remember why the small but significant town of Stonington is your favorite place in Maine.