Ellen Babbidge

Ellen              Babbidge 7th Grade

All Saints Catholic School


Mrs. Whitney



Impressions from a Maine Amusement


Wooohoo! That’s the sound that comes from people in every season at Sugarloaf. During the spring, summer, and autumn, there are so many choices, activities, and amusing locations to explore. Pools, hot-tubs, zip-lining, chair lifts, stores, restaurants, golf, an extremely large gym with a basketball court, skateboarding park, rock climbing, and an anti-gravity trampoline course are just some of the offerings. During the winter skiing and snowboarding can be added to that list.




Condo life at Sugarloaf is spectacular. When you have a condo, usually you can stay as long as you want and can enjoy a nice backyard as long as you don’t mind a variety neighbors. My family and I do not have a condo, but I enjoyed a memorable weekend with one of my friends who invited me. In a condo, there are usually three to five bedrooms, a kitchen, dinning room, living room, two bathrooms, and a back door for your backyard. Many people put their grills out there. It is truly like a second home. At Halloween and Thanksgiving you can display the free pumpkins pumpkins the condo association provides. On Christmas, or any other holiday that deserves decorations, you can display some lights. If you don’t have a condo, you could always stay in their warm and cozy hotel, which is at the foot of the mountain.




Wouldn’t you love to take a weekend off and head on up to Carrabassett Valley for a wonderful time with your family? Who wouldn’t? If your life-long dream has been to



Ellen              Babbidge 7th Grade

•              All Saints Catholic School


Mrs. Whitney



ski or snowboard, take a shot at the incredible trails at Sugarloaf Mountain. At the zip-lining course, you hike up a little more then one-fourth of the mountain. There are 5 or 6 lines, and on some of those, you get to go upside-down. The trampolines have plenty of safety mats. There are two trampolines with a mound of mats in between the two.




Almost everything there is at the bottom of the mountain. The restaurants, stores and main walking area are located at at the foot of the mountain, as well as the safety class/course for zip-lining. At the main store they sell an abundance of different items and souvenirs. The different areas of the store are sectioned off by sheets. Many of the items there are not the usual items you would not find in a big city store.




If you are one who would like to relax for a weekend at Sugarloaf and spend time with your family, you can enjoy a calming weekend to unwind from all of your busy events. Although I have only been there once, you might be able to tell I had an incredibly enjoyable and very memorable time. It only takes one or two visits for you to realize Sugarloaf is the best destination for a vacation in Maine.