Emma Foster

Emma Foster

Southside School





My Favorite Subject Gym!

Hi, my name is Emma and / go to the Houlton Southside School. I will tell you all about my favOrite subject Gym. Mr. Graham teaches my class and I all abOut sports.


For example, I love dodge ball because each time a ball comes at me I dodge. That’s not all, I also forgot that Chance is also a good player. Chance you rock “dude.”


Sometimes I wonder if Jade will make a good hockey player because he is awesome at hockey. Like this one time he was on my team and he shot it right in the goal. Once I even made a goal when Jade passed it to me.


I think that soccer is cool because Grace, oh she is wonderful at soccer. She could make a goal each game if she tried. Soccer is sometimes graceful if you think about it.


David, I wonder if you have made a home run in baseball? In other words, I wonder what baseball is like? Baseball rocks David, same as you.


Awesome Dawson is a wonderful player at kick ball once he made the ball go so high that it almost hit the ceiling. Dawson is awesome. Someday will you teach me to do that?


Last but not least, Sam you are a good sport you’re nice and kind and everything above, You are so awesome at basketball that you where able to play at the age of 3 years old. Thank you for helping me to understand how to play Basketball.



That is why Gym is my favorite subject.