Erica Thibodeau

Erica Thibodeau


Grade 8


Hichborn Middle School




Mrs. Jipson


Katahdin Shadows Campground


Maine is called vacationland because of all the beautiful places that you can go. My favorite place is Katahdin Shadows Campground, located in Medway. On a nice warm day, you can go spend the day at the playground! The playground has swings, a slide, a merry go round, a jungle gym, and some teeter tooters.One a nice hot sunny day you can spend your day relaxing or swimming at the kidney shaped pool! The pool is really cold, but feels really good in 90 degree weather. There are many chairs for a lot of people to go out and spend an hour or two, or even most of the day, for relaxation. When the day is cols and rainy, you could go sit in the lobby with your friends and play many board games, or you could even relax on the couch or the chair and you could read a book. You could go shopping at the store and buy toys, food, swimming stuff, clothes, and even collectibles.


On some weekends there are special and fun activities! There are many fun weekends like Halloween weekend, Aloha weekend, NASCAR weekend, and many many more. My favorite weekend is Halloween weekend. In the morning they have a scavenger hunt where all the kids go to the campers and ask for the things on the list. If you are the first one to turn it in, and have all the things hat were on the list, then that person got a prize. In the afternoon they have a Halloween costume judging and after all of the judging the kids get to go trick or treating around the campground. At night, when it starts to get dark, they do a haunted hayride and a haunted maze. Everyone gets to go once on the hayride and in the maze.


The cabins there are very nice and they are kept clean. When people go and stay in a cabin, and as soon as they leave it is cleaned. They have at least on bed and a table. Some do not have a sink





because they might be really small. They are made out of logs and are a light brown.


Katahdin Shadows is a very beautiful campground to go to! The owners have bunnies that hop around for people to pet and feed but not to pick ip. The owners try their best to get the place clean and keep it that way so the people camping there are happy. They make sure everyone has fun and they do a lot for the younger kids. At the end of the season, they have Adult weekend for the adults to go out and have fun and stay up as late as they want to. Maine is a very good place to go to for a vacation!