Ethan King

Ethan King

grade 8

Hichbom Middle School


Mrs. Jipson

Cold Stream






Maine is called vacation land because there are many fun things to do. The place I enjoy the most is Cold Stream. It depends on which place you go to because there are many beaches on the water, like the ones in Eiifield, the boat landing, and Morgan’s Beach. At the boat landing you get in for free, and it is where you go if you want to go boating. At Morgan’s Beach you have to pay to get in but there is a play ground there and also it is really sandy, unlike at the boat landing.




The boat landing has a little dirt to play in and there are many rocks. When you first get out if you don’t stay in the middle of the water or go out too far, it gets really slimy. When you are at Cold Stream you can be in activities like boating, water skiing, swimming, sun bathing, and playing in the sand. There is also fishing, and catching frogs. My favorite activity is swimming I have loved being in the water ever since I was little. When you go swimming at the boat landing, there are many big rocks or rock piles when you get over your head so you can take a break from swimming.




When you are at Morgan’s if you are tall you can go out really far because it only gets about 7 or 8 feet deep at most. One of the only things that you have to be careful about though is that there is a big hole in the water, and a lot of people unexpectedly fall in it when walking. There are also so many outstanding things to look at, especially when the sun is going down for the day. You can see the reflection off the water, the beautiful green 1eaf~’ trees, and also the pine trees. Then you have the hint of blue on the ground from the taste of the delicious blueberries that lay there ready to be eaten. At both





beaches you can see this marvelous sight. There are also the birds that fly around trying to find where they might spend the night. Then, if you go back the next day you can make it about trying to see a lot of the underwater life. There are a lot of fish some you can eat and some not. There are a lot of sun fish there is also trout and pickrel. There are also frogs. There are frogs that are about 3 to 5 inches, long and are about 2 inches and 3 inches in width.




No matter where you are in Maine you should always try to make it up here to go to Cold Stream. I think it is the most fun place in Maine. Just remember, the water is cold at first, but you get used to it.