Eva White

Eva White

Grade 4

Asa Adams School


Mrs. Tuttle





Art is my favorite subject because I get to be creative with texture and color. I like to experiment with different colors, like mixing, paint and different texture like learning different ways of making fur or shading.

I love how many projects we do, so you never know what youtre going to do next. One week we might be making cardboard shields then the next we might be cutting out construction paper shapes for a winter mural. (I have done both.)

I also love how many different materials we use. We don’t just use watercolors, we use acrylic paint. We don’t just use crayons, we use oil pastels. I feel privileged because our teacher, Mrs. Fitch, said that nOt many kids our age get to use those kinds of materials.

The only thing I don’t like about art is that it’s only once aweck.. It should be at least twice. In fact, I would have it every day if I- could!