Evelyn Howie


Evelyn Howie

Grade 4

Ellsworth Elementary Middle School


Mrs. R. Brown





“SHHHHH! Be quiet I’m trying to read !“ People can’t stop talking during DEAR time. Dear time is Drop Every Thing And Read time, but I think it should be Dear Q Time, because the Q is for quiet. I don’t understand why students can’t be silent because when I’m at school people talk. I have the same problem at home, because my mom is reading Harry Potter (weird) to Daniel (my brother) or Daniel has the TV. cranking loud! As you can probably tell one of my favorite subjects in school is Language Arts!


The coolest things in Language Arts are: Diorama, the Food chain story, and the Word study game. The reasons why these are the coolest is because they’re hands-on. The diorama is when you have to read a chapter book. After you finished the book you have to make a seen ( main part of the book) in a shoebox. The food chain story is a bunch of books about animals. You write a story about the animals and draw pictures to go along with it. After all that your teacher will send it to a company and they will publish it for you. Then they will turn it into a hard cover book. The word study game is when you get to make up your own game that has to do with Language Arts! Who would not like those projects?


Do you see why I love Language Arts? These are just a few of my reasons why it’s my favorite subject there are many more. When I grow up I want to be a teacher and I will definitely teach Language Arts.