Gabriel Green

Gabriel Green Grade 4

Houlton Southside


Mrs. Carmichael






Imagine there isn’t anything on T.V. you like, and you have boring video games you beat like a million times. You could always write a story.

I like to write stories of my choice like, awesome stories, adventure stories, epic stories and scary stories. It is hard to think of stories to write, but I still write them.

The best stories I like to write are scary adventure stories like these ones called Snake­Eye Lakeand “Our Way Of Surviving a  ZO~IE



Sometimes I just write one page long stories. Sometimes I start writing stories, then I have better ideas and they turn out lame. I am going to write a series next because I have never tried to.

I write short stories like half a page long, and sometimes I write stories like two and a half pages long.


That is why writing is my favorite subject in Houlton Southside schools 4th grade class.