Grace Johnson

Grace Johnson

Southside School Grade 4

Houlton ME

Mrs. Carmichael

My Favorite Subject!!!


Imagine you’re sitting on a warm vent in your classroom reading a great book that you’ve read a million times. Wouldn’t that be terrific? If you said yes then you’re right.

I get to do that every reading class. I like reading because I like the genres. For example my favorite genre is fiction because that genre is home to my favorite series about spies at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women. A.K.A Spy School.Itm on the third and final book by Ally Carter. Another reason I like reading is because I partner read with my friends. For. example we have read CRASH and Knots in my Yo-yo String by Jerry Spinnelli. I also like Close to Famous by I forgot and it’s not in the library anymore. My favorite book of all is Bully- be -gone. I read those books with Sam Condon and Maddie Dunn. And with Addie Gilpatrick I read Amber Brown is not a Crayon.

One of the best parts of reading is my teacher Mrs.Carmichael. She makes reading go all the way.It’s like she really knows if’ she pushes me I can do anything. For example,last year I didn’t like reading too much. But she changed me all around. Now I love reading it’s the best sUbject I have ever been in.Also I am doing work a little harder than journal netries called a book talk journal entries are things that we wright about our books. Another reason is I like reading is because I get to relax when I read.Mrs. Carmichael makes that happen. My class and I alway sit in the plumpiest, fatest beanbags some are flat but we fight for the best ones. It also makes me feel like I’m the smartest person in the world. Not that I am or anything, but literally it does. So to you people that love reading, I’m with you to!