Grace Toupin

Grace Toupin


Mrs. Carmichael


Southside School Grade 4











Imagine you want to do a fun experiment. Then go to Houlton Southside, because you get to do fun and crazy experiments.


My name is Grace and science is my favorite subject. For example, we do fun lessons, experiments and more awesome things. The only thing you do is experiments, watch videos and have fun. The teacher is nice too. She’s always nice and always there if you need help.


For another thing, you get to be with your friends and that is good. You get to have partners and usually you’re with a person you like. That’s good because you’re not pouting and wish you had someone different.


I always love to do the fun experiments. For example, one experiment that we had done is the Gummy Worm experiment. In the Gummy Worm experiment you have to examine your Gummy Worm, For instance, look at the color, texture; size and shape. But, now is the fun part… WE GOT TO EAT THE WORM!


I also have fun. Also, we have fun because we are always gleeful and my teacher has a cool chair in the reading corner. The chair Is not an ordinary chair that is very low and rocks back and forth back and forth. But it’s in the reading corner and you can only be in there if it’s your day.


Last but not least, we get to make up words to remember our big science words. For example, when we where learning about the water cycle Every Cat Purrs stood for evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.


In conclusion, my FAVORITE subject is the most awesome SCIENCE!