Hailey Cole

Hailey Cole


Mt. Jefferson Jr. High


Mrs. Albert



Moosehead Lake is located in Greenville, Maine. There are different bed and breakfasts like Cander’s House, Captain Sawyar House, Evergreen Lodge, and Sundown Bed and Breakfast. There are different inns like Blair Hill Inn and Greenville Inn. As well as, lodges and motels, too.


There is a bunch of different stuff you can do like kayaking or canoeing, go fly fishing, relax on a cruise on the historic steamship, The Katahdin, feel the rush of the world class water rafting river. The beautiful mountains offer hiking experiences for all abilities including a stretch

of Appalachian Trails, bird watching, scenic vistas, mounting biking, skiing, snowmobiling, atvadventures, and ice climbing. And of course the finest moose watching in the country right out the hotel door. There are cultural activities, too. You can go to museums, artists, historical sites, music and entertainment.


There are different waterfalls you can see like Moxie Falls, Cheap Blue Devil, Barrow Falls, Little Wilson Falls which drops 60-80 feet from the upper falls. Moxie Falls is only an hour away from the campsite, it drops over 100 ft. You can go an 1 and 1/2 floatplane tours around Moosehead Lake.


Have you heard of the B-52 bomber crash site? All over this wooded site, 12 miles northeast of downtown Greenville, pieces of wreckage lead back to a cold winter day in 1963 when a U.S. Air Force B-52C crashed on a mountain. There are now gravel roads that lead to

the site and a 400 yard hike to view the crash. The crash happened on January 23,1963. The air plane cost over $8 million. It was on a training run.