Jacob Bickford

Jacob Bickford

Southside School Grade 4


Mrs. Carmichael





Writing is my favorite subject because you get to make your own stories. Here are all the things you can write like biography and poems. Also you get to type them.

And for another thing is that you get to do projects . For example, we wrote a biography about a classmate. To do this project we first interviewed our classmate and found out about their life. Then we did a rough draft in our writer1s notebook. After we were done the rough draft, we typed it up on the computer. Next we reread and then we peer revised and edited. Before we printed our final copy, we added a picture of person we interviewed. I enjoyed doing this project.

For another thing, you get to type on the computer and type up story’s. First you get on to Microsoft Word. Second you start to type up your story. Third you reread the story over again with a partner. Then fourth you need to print off your the story. And these are all the reasons that I like writing.