Jacob Harper

My Favorite Subject

Jacob Harper

4TH grade Mrs.Duron

All Saints Catholic School

Bangor, ME


I love P.E. because we play all sots of fun games. We have a really good teacher and its releasing. We play games. There is one called Everybody’s It. It is when everybody is it. If a person gets tagged, they have to sit down. Another is called Castle Ball. It is when your team makes a castle out of hula hops and you throw balls at the other teams castle to knock it down.


Mr.Gould is a great teacher. He made up Everybody’s It and Castle Ball. He teaches us about our bodies. He is very nice. He lets us talk to each other during P.E.


P.E. is relaxing because there are no desks and chairs in the gym. There are no pencils, pens, or paper. That is why I love P.E.! It is the best subject in the school

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