Jaelin Roberts

My Favorite Subject

By Jaelin Roberts

4th Grade Mrs. Duron

All Saints Catholic School

Bangor, ME

I love art because it’s fun, relaxing, and I have a great teacher. Art is fun because I get to be with friends and talk with them. We get to draw a lot of things too. I have drawn dinosaurs, birds, volcanos,plants,and people. I also get to pick what color I want to use for my drawings. I like tons of colors. We do get to draw how we feel and what we want. I like drawing animals and people.

Art is relaxing because our teacher will play music. We have no work. That means no spelling, religion, reading, math, worksheets, social studies, science, handwriting, and grammar. It’s also calm and quiet unless our teacher plays music.

Our teacher, Mrs.Taylor, is a great teacher. She is great because she is mostly calm and quiet. She lets us paint and color too. She is so much fun. She also will put on music which I like.

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