Jakob Rauscher

Jakob Rauscher

Grade 4

Newport -Elementary


Miss Fogler


I like P.E. because I can stay in shape. P.E means Physical Education.

I play a workout game at home so I stay active. I eat healthy food too.

Mr. King are school coach has taught us lot of stuff and workouts. He says to always stay active. That’s why I do sports. I do football, basketball, baseball, and wrestling. They are all fun. Doing sports helps you be in shape and not as fat.

I hope you can be active and have fun too. You always can exercise, like swimming, because it makes you use energy. Or you can ride bikes to be fast. I bet it will be fun. What do you do to stay in shape?

Exercising is not the only way to be in shape. You must eat right too. Doesn’t mean you can’t eat sweets, just don’t eat a lot. Like for dessert I have smoothies because they are good and healthy. Or put non-butter popcorn kernels in an old fashioned popcorn maker so you can be healthy. My father and I put a little salt and butter on our popcorn to stay healthy.

That is why I like P.E. Mr. King taught us lots of stuff like that. I think he is very helpful.

One of my favorite games we play is capture the chicken. There are two teams that try to get the chicken without being tagged. It’s really fun.,

I hope you all can have lots of fun and stay in shape.