Jared Roger Brown

Jared Roger Brown Grade 8

Hancock Grammar School

Hancock, ME

Mrs. Jacquie Leighton



Spec Pond

Spectacle Pond is a little pond in Osborn, Maine. I am pretty sure that many of you have never heard of Spec Pond, as it is called, and it isn’t a tourist attraction. But it is a wonderful place and that’s why I am writing this.

Spec Pond is a pretty awesome place for a lot of reasons. I love going there all the time because there’s always something going on there. Whenever I go, I go with my cousin Madison and her family. I go with them because it’s their camp that I go to. It does take a while to get there because it’s pretty far off the beaten path,but it’s worth the time it takes to get there. Spec Pond is near many other land marks and ponds that are well-know to that community such as Rocky Pond, Stone Dam, and Molasses Pond.

One of my favorite things to do while at Spec is to go four wheeling. There are so many roads and trails that you you could go riding every, day for a while and not go on the same road. You can also get lost pretty easy so make sure that you have someone with you that knows the trails well. Madison and I almost got lost once but we eventually found our way back. Another cool thing about riding four wheelers there is that there is a place, through a few back roads and trails from the pond that has ramps and a track to race around. A place that we also go is a place called Stone Dam. It’s really neat to see how this massive stone has dammed a river; also there is a pretty nice trail close to there.

Another thing about Spec Pond is that there are some really nice people there and there are always some party or get-together going on. Almost every night in the summer people are cooking out or hanging out

down by the pond. In the winter there is usually always something going


on.              Also, such as last time I was there, say mid December, there was a Christmas party at someone’s camp. Although there are usually fewer people in winter it’s still a very fun place.You may ask, “Why go to Spec Pond when I can go to Bar Harbor or some other place that has more things to do?” Well all I can say to that is that, although places like Bar Harbor have a lot more tourist appeal, Spec Pond will show you what the State of Maine is really like.


Spec Pond is a very awesome place. It is especially an awesome place if you want to get out of the house and go have some outdoors fun. Although it isn’t a big tourist attraction there are plenty of fun things to do and it will show you what Maine is really all about.