Jasmine Brown

Jasmine Brown

8th grade

Bangor Christian


Mrs. Ramirez



My favorite place in Maine, by far, is the picnic area on Thompson Island. I have always loved going there since I was a kid. The car ride there makes the trip even more worth while. Once we get there, my sister and I are running to go pick out our table. We love walking around and exploring the area to see what has changed and what hasn’t.We love walking into the water and seeing all the seagulls hover above us wondering what we’re doing on their turf. The sun is always shinning in the sky with a few distracting clouds to help make the sky look even more magnificent.


Taking a walk on the rocks is somewhat of a tradition. I’ll walk on all the big rocks, jumping from one to another. Before I realize it I’ve walked to the total other end of the area. On my walk back I start to notice all thepeople arriving and setting up their picnics with their own families. When I arrive back at our table, the huge sub sandwiches have already been laid out. Eating the sandwich while talking and laughing with my family, bring back some of the best memories.


Once lunch is over my sister and I lie on our backs on one of our favorite grassy spots and look up at the perfectly white clouds. We try to make shapes of them. We eventually get so distracted by the clouds were telling stories that make each other laugh. Breathing in the fresh air and taking in our surroundings, Mount Desert Narrows seems to be the most stunning thing in the world at this point. My sister will roll over and pick twodandelion blow flowers. Handing one to me, she’ll tell me to make a wish. We’ll both



make wishes and watch the clear seeds float off into the light wind.


The rest of our family will want to leave since we’ve already been there for about four hours. As much as they want to leave, They’re finally convinced we need to stay until sunset. The next hours are full of us enjoying all the wonderful sights there. Mount Desert Narrows is breath taking with all of the tall trees and birds and the other people laughing and having just as good of a time as us. No matter who you are, its impossible not to have fun when you’re at Thompson Island Picnic area.


Finally, the sun begins to set. Sitting on the rocks and seeing the sun spread its orange rays over the entire area is one of the most amazing sights in the world. At that, moment there is nothing that compares. This day, that sight, is completely beautiful.