Jennah Stanley

Jennah Stanley


Grade:              8th


Hichborn Middle School









Bangor Fair




My absolute favorite place in Maine is The Bangor Fair. At the Bangor Fair you can do so many things. My heart beats and I get all excited when I hear it’s coming to town. I cant wait to ride all my favorite rides and see all my friends from Bangor and other towns who come. The Bangor Fair starts on July 25th and ends on August 5th. When I go to the fair, I always find a new friend; that’s what so good at the fair, you can find and meet new people. I love going on the high rides because it shows other beautiful features of Maine and the whole fair ground. When I go to the fair, I usually am the first in line so I can get my tickets. When going up to wait, you’re all excited and anxious to be in and go on rides. When you’re about to get your ticket, and you pass the gate you feel very relieved because, you don’t have to worry. you’re in and ready to ride rides.


When I go to the fair, I go on the Freakout. On the Freakout you jump up on your seat, pull your seat buckle down so you’re nice and safe then, the floor drops and you hold on for dear life. As the ride begins, the floor drops. It starts swaying back and forth slowly, then it starts going higher and higher. You’re so high you feel like you are going to fall out. Everyone below looks like ants. There are so many rides, but the next best ride is the Zipper. When you’re in the Zipper, you fit two in, and you’re put in a cage-like box. You hold on to the bars in front of you, and all of sudden when you’re not ready, the ride spins you backwards and front wards and it feels like your going to fall out. Keep your eyes



open, it’s more fun.


When you’re done riding rides, you can enjoy yourself by having a tasty snack. Maybe you want nachos, fries, chips, hot dog, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, or pizza. Drink you can have are, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Coke, G2, or Powerade.


You can go play some games. I love when you can win the big prizes because, you feel special to have one. My favorite part is when I win a small toy, I go and give it to a random kid.


Last but no least my favorite part of the fair is the shows. There are many amazing shows you can watch. The best two shows are the Human Cannon Ball and The Magic Show. This is one of the best places to visit during Maine. This is why Maine is called vacation land.