Jenni Martin

Jenni Martin

8th grade

Bangor Christian Schools


Mrs. Ramirez


Maine:              The way life should be


There is no greater place on earth then Maine. In the fall there are great colors. In the spring, you can eventaste the fragrance of the flowers. Summer is the hot spot, literarily it gets really hot. In the winter all anyone can say there is as far as they can see is a blanket of white, beautiful, gracious snow. It doesn’t matter what kind of season someone comes but anywhere you go but when you go you really will not forget it. If your in Portland, Augusta, or Bangor but anyone will find something to love about Maine. If your uptown or downtown, gettho or in upper class there is something great about the people and the service. Some hot spots are Stephen Kings home, Old town Canoe company, and Mt Katadan.


There are a lot of things in Portland that any family can do. There are great hotels, great restaurants,and great places for little kids like Chucke Cheese, Jokers, and camping sites. All these places are great for families. For people who don’t get out much this place would be a great. The best place for people who love coffee and who love donuts would love a fast, easy, place called Dunkin Donuts. The greatest place in Bangor would have to be the bangor mall. If this place is not what your looking for thats fine, but you will not get another experience like what a person will get if he or she will get when they come here. When anyone comes here during the winter all I can say is bring a very heavy winter coat. If your family has kids they will love the four feet of snow. Your kids can make snow men, snow angels, or the best winter thing to do and that is sledding!


In the spring there are so many awesome things to do. If visitor’s kids love mudding this place is the place to be. If your kids like playing in the mud, maine is good for that too. Even though Maine has a lot to do seasonly there are a lot to do daily. There are really great people who go to some number one schools and churches. Some churches are Destiny Worship Center and Bangor Baptist Church. Some of the schools are Bangor Christian Schools, Brewer middle and High school, and others. Even though



there are a lot of things to do in America some of the best stuff is in Maine. When your planning to go on your next trip consider Maine because Maine is the way life should be.