Joseph Sabatis


Joseph Sabatis


Houlton, ME 04730


Houlton Southside


Houlton Southside School


Hi. You are reading my favorite subj ect. Enjoy! (P.S. It’s awesome!)


Imagine you have nothing to do, your homework is done, and you don’t have any video games, Oh well, you have paper and a pencil. You can write! Well you might not like it but I do. I like it because I can write good stories. For example, I wrote a story called “Zombie Apocalypse.”

I also like to write a story with my friend once in a while We had fun when we wrote “Game Over” which is about two boys who get stuck in a game called “Gut blasters 3.” I also like writing scary stories such as “The Nuclear Accident” that my friend and I wrote. Lastly, I like to write series. It was awesome when Iwrote “The War vol.1,2,3”.


As you can see, my favorite subject is writing.