Julia Andrew

Julia Andrew

7th Grade

All Saints Catholic School


Mrs. Whitney





News Flash: Freeport

Presented the Award for Best Vacation Spot in Maine




If you have ever been on a stay-cation in Maine, or are thinking about it, then I have a suggestion for you. There are many ideal spots, but I have a personal favorite, and even though it’s not exactly true, to me it should be awarded the best vacation spot in Maine. You might be saying it’s because of the people, but it’s all the activities you can do there, too. One time I went there for a chocolate tour. We went to a variety of places: a bakery to taste chocolate bread, a place where they only make brownies, and a special place where they only make fudge. It was amazing! We also went to this awesome ice cream place that served chocolates and lobster ice cream! Of course, who could forget Needhams? These are a delicious Maine treat made of coconut and mashed potatoes smothered in chocolate!



But, that’s not all! There are a lot of stores that you can go to when you’re bored, or you have nothing better to do. For example, if your kid is complaining that buying shoes is boring, just take them to the Roof-Top Mall where they can go shopping at stores like Claire’s, Famous Footwear, and lots of others! They even have a place where you can buy Lindor truffles, which are yummy! Wait, wait, there’s even more! It’s also the home of the famous Maine outdoors wear company, L.L.Bean. If you are thinking, “She hasn’t mentioned any food,” I’m not done yet. There are so many restaurants to choose from, which is good because you’ll never leave hungry!



There are at least a few places with a little bit of everything! For example, Maynard’s Chocolates. That’s the place I was talking about earlier, with the lobster ice cream and Needhams. They have gelato, chocolates, of course, and a bunch of other fantastic stuff! I have to admit, I was a little scared to try the lobster ice cream, but overall, they had some pretty spectacular stuff.


Now, for all you ladies out there who love to go out in style, you may seem a little bored, because I haven’t mentioned JEWELRY! Well, lucky for you, Freeport, and Maine for that matter, is home to the popular Lovell Designs, which creates beautiful jewelry designs from gold, silver and pewter. You really should check them out!


Well, I hope I gave you an idea of what Freeport is all about. You can go shopping, eat in one of the many restaurants, and much, much more! I really can’t explain it all to you, but if you actually go there, you can really see what is has to offer, and how entertaining it is. So, my last words to you are: GO TO FREEPORT!