Julia May Shannon

Julia May Shannon


Grade 4

Lee Winn Elementary School


Mrs. Gifford


My Favorite Subject Is


I love social studies because it is all about stuff that happened in the past. There is also a lot to learn. It is really fun too. I also get pretty good grades.

This year we have been learning all about Maine. We are doing a biography on a famous person from Maine. I got Stephen King. Did you know that he got fired from his job? I think that these biographies are going to be fun.

There is also a lot to learn about in social studies. In social studies you can learn about what happened before we lived. Once we learned about the Europeans that was a fun lesson to learn about. We also learned about colonial life in Maine, that was a fun one too.

Social studies is really fun. It is fun because we can learn how thing’s were done back in colonial days. At the end of a lesson we do a paper about what we learned about in that lesson that’s what is fun. We do Maine Studies Weekly, it is a newspaper and we highlight the important parts. We get to use the newspaper for our paper .That’s why I love it so much.

I love Social studies so much because it’s all about what happened in the old days and how the Europeans lived and how they survived. That’s what is so cool about it!!